About us



We changed careers towards the end of our twenties.
We’d been working at AMV where Sam was an account
director and Harry was a senior designer. We put a book
together in our downtime and did the rounds.

We did placements at AMV, BBH and Leo Burnett.

Justin Tindall hired us at Leo’s. Then again at M&C Saatchi.

We’re now at VCCP.

Our time before wasn’t completely wasted:

Sam was President of the Cambridge Footlights, writing
and performing fresh material for fortnightly shows as well
as a show at the Edinburgh Festival, which also toured across
the UK. While an account man at AMV he wrote a staff
pantomime and musical. The pantomime won an award from
The Times for ‘Innovation in employee engagement’ which
helps make it sound a lot better than it was!

Harry’s design skills always stood out at AMV where he was
constantly in demand by the top creatives, leading to him
being listed as a ‘Face to Watch’ by Campaign as well as a host
of industry awards.

Adam Tucker wrote some nice things about us in the Creative
Circle Annual (2015):


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